I’m a Rebel Just For Kicks Now

Music fuels my soul, give me a good beat and a catchy tune and I will MOVE.  I will move shamelessly in my living room or my car.  If you haven’t caught Portugal.The Man’s, Feel It Still go listen to it and then I dare you not to move, you just can’t do it!  It’s got one of those beats where you want to do a modern version of the mashed potato or just get down with your bad self.  Music got me through a lot of moments before cancer, through chemo, and now.  There were a few songs that I listened to on repeat all the way to oncologist appointments, before scans, lab work, and any other appointments that related to cancer.  My best friend even got me a bracelet that reads, Dance It Out! and I smile every time I look down at it.

On the way home from round 5 with my sister I had her turn on some old school rap and we cranked it up, sang what we could remember, and pretended like we were high school kids again!  It will be one of my fondest memories of chemo.  She’ll likely never know how much I needed that joy ride home as round 5 was no walk in the park and it was also the round where when I look back on pictures I see cancer, I can see how tired I was, and that ride home with music fueling my soul was what I needed with my sister.

When I heard the lyric, I’m a rebel just for kicks now, let me kick it like it’s 1986, that sums up perfectly how I feel about life now!  I truly stop to live life and it makes me feel like a rebel!!  When I take the girls to the pool I JUMP in like I am a 5 year old reliving my summer glory days!  We grab ice cream on weekdays, because it’s a Tuesday!  I roll the windows down and I open that sunroof to sing my heart out, dance in my seat, and occasionally throw an arm up to catch the wind!  I don’t give a crap what others think and it’s the best thing ever I tell you.  It’s easy living with no set rules and it feels AMAZING!

Go lay in your grass, look up and take yourself back to when you were 8 years old and saw animals or shapes in the clouds, you’ll thank me later.  Wake up early, catch a sunrise and really look at the sunbeams strolling across the grass as if they provide an elevator to heaven.  Grab a loved one and catch a painting from God above with a magical sunset.  Awake something in your soul and take up that hobby, go to that concert, take the walk, and show up for life.

You never know what you might catch me doing next, for the rest of my life I’ll be a rebel just for kicks and lovin’ every minute of it!

Interact with me a bit and tell me what music gets you up and gets you moving?



One thought on “I’m a Rebel Just For Kicks Now

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