Bucket Lists

This weekend had all of the feels that a long weekend should have.  We checked off taking the girls to an amusement park for the first time this weekend!  It was on our bucket list of things to do and we were always waiting on them to get just a smidge taller.  With gifted tickets, this was our year!

We loaded up the car on Saturday and headed out.  Belting out lyrics to our favorite songs, talking about all the rides we wanted to go on, things we wanted to eat, and fun we were about to have, our 3 hour trip was a success!  We then came upon our hotel according to our GPS.  My husband had made the hotel reservations, and when we came upon the location he kept driving.  I burst out laughing as I was convinced this was the time we were going to have to teach the girls about sleeping in the car!  The outside and crumbling remains of the neighboring buildings were not helping the hotel.  Through my hysterical laughter I made him turn around and head back to the hotel and let him know that I would check it out on the inside and determine if we should stay there or in the car.  The inside was MUCH nicer than the outside, he was in the safe zone.

There was to be a relaxing hotel pool and a hot tub for us to enjoy after a long drive.  Unfortunately, I found myself amidst chaos.  I mean utter chaos.  Kids laughing, kids yelling, kids crying, parents yelling, and parents conversing amongst one another.  The whole 3 hours I had looked forward to the hotel hot tub, not so much anymore.  It’s like it flew out the window with a bird screaming, “hell no lady, see ya next year!”  I even phoned for help.  I called my husband in the room and said, “I can’t do this, the germs, the people, the yelling, you are going to have to come save me.”  He’s my night and shining armor so of course he saved me and I escaped to the silence of our room, just me and the humming of the hotel air conditioner.  Golden.

The next morning we all woke with such anticipation of heading to the amusement park, Holiday World!  It’s located in Santa Clause, Indiana and it’s magical!  Free drinks, free sun screen, visits with the big man in red, and roller coasters.  There isn’t anything not to love there.  The park didn’t open until 11am so we had enough time to kill in the town’s Christmas Store to which we searched for the perfect tree ornament that said Holiday World on it.  I’m a little crazy on our traveling that we must obtain a Christmas ornament from each place we travel to hang on our tree each year.  One day our tree will be completely full of the places we’ve traveled!  We found the perfect ornament, the girls have picked up my love for hunting the perfect traveling Christmas ornament!

The moment had arrived and we entered the gates!  It was happening.  The moment had arrived.  We were about to make memories!  We soaked it all in for a minute and then mapped out our quest.  We headed for a few rides which were totally awesome!  Then we changed in a family changing room which felt like it was a 1,000 degrees in close quarters where we were all staring at each other, awkward.  Nothing brings a family closer together than a super hot room that everyone must change into bathing suits in.

Next we headed for the Mammoth family water ride, the world’s longest water coaster.  I was fine until we stopped in line, on stairs, suspended in the air, not able to look down, and almost hyperventilating to which everyone around me thought was hilarious.  Here’s the thing, I believe women understand their mortality rate much quicker than men.  Especially after having children and coming out the other side of cancer I was terrified.  Was I going to back out and not ride it, not a chance.  Was I terrified beyond belief, you bet!  BEST RIDE OF MY LIFE!!!  Totally epic!

After the thrill of our lives I watched the girls slide down a big water slide, go down the Monsoon Lagoon several times, we floated down the lazy river four breathtaking times, and splashed around in the Kima Bay in between eating pizza.  It was glorious.  All before changing back into our real clothes and heading for more rides.

I would not change a single moment of Sunday.  Unplugged.  Family time.  The expressions on my children’s faces.  WE HAD FUN.  I soaked up each and every single moment and I could have swore my heart was going to burst from happiness.  I would not trade these years for anything!  My husband was ridiculously happy, I was happy, and the girls were on cloud nine experiencing their first amusement park.

After an amazing day of fun we loaded up into the car and headed home, exhausted but crazy fortunate to have had the day we did.  We gave the little one a phone to play games on so she would stay awake until we found a place for dinner, because no one wants to see the ugly side of the tiny one when she is woke up from a deep slumber, trust me.  Then with full tummies we headed home.  I was driving and after about 30 minutes everyone but me was fast asleep in the car.  Caffeine and music were my fuel to which I may have been dancing in my seat and belting out several lyrics.  My heart was full!

Bucket list, you have been checked!  We will continuously add to you, checking, adventuring, having ridiculous amounts of fun, defying our fears, and living life to the fullest!

We rocked Holiday World!  Bucket List, CHECKED!

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