Relish in the Mundane

I have longed for a Saturday just like this.  Cancer makes you appreciate everything, every task, every color, every opportunity.  Would not trade it for the world.  Woke up to head directly to soccer for both of the girls.  They both won!  Then jet-set to the grocery store, maneuvering every isle like a pro and owning the produce section like a boss!  There was a time in my life where I could not eat fresh fruit or fresh produce because my counts were too low.  I smile when I am picking out fruit and produce because I CAN.

Instead of the numerous questions I received this week of, “why did you cut all of your hair off,” to which my reply with a shrug was, “because I have cancer.”  Debuted two women at the gas station telling me how much they loved my hair today.  Those ladies will likely never know how much I needed their kindness.  While it’s not considered a hair cut if you just take off the wig and run with it.  I did get to see my hairdresser, Jo Olds this week at A Hair Off Main , man did it feel amazing to sit in her chair!  She shaped up the new hair growth for me.  If you are local, go see Jo, she is literally the best!!!  I hug my hairdresser, do you?!

It’s mid-September here in Indiana which means pumpkins, gourds, mums, and leaves are beginning to turn.  I spent a fair amount of time at my favorite greenhouse, Perennials Plus.  They absolutely rock my socks off!  I picked up my mums for the year and relished in the glory of all of their other plants for the season.  I could lose myself in their multiple greenhouses, six large greenhouses to be exact.  It’s an escape to a magical place in the middle of the country with the most amazing flowers you’ve ever seen.  Take a drive there, you won’t regret it.  Do me a favor while you are there, close your eyes, take a big whiff, listen to nature, and then open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you in the greenhouses.  You’ll thank me later!

Came home to plant mums and clean out flower beds.  I am blessed with a lot of flower beds.  As I raked out the old with my hands and felt the warm earth beneath there was a harmony.  Bees still buzzing about, butterflies landing here or there, and just the sweaty me to weed and plant.  Gardening is like life, everything has it’s accord, some live, some die, and then those cycle through and become new life.  Cancer is kind of like that, what was once vibrant becomes dull for a little while with a glimmer, and then out of the core even more radiance is unearthed.

Catching the stench of myself, there was a smile of the beautiful day that existed.  I washed my hands and began to prepare for dinner.  I saved my fat grams for baked potatoes with cheese and light sour cream today.  With careful preparation I cleaned the potatoes and got them ready for the oven.  Alongside we had the leanest cut of steaks, broccoli, and green beans to pair them with.  Oh my gosh was it not the best meal ever!  There is something exquisite about eating from the earth.

Today wasn’t a bucket list checking off kind of day.  Today was the opportunity to relish in the mundane.  I have longed for a Saturday like this.  The brisk harvest smell in the air, working up a sweat with the flowers, grocery shopping, and feeding my family.  It’s the simple things in life that make my heart flutter.

Now I am relaxing on the back patio as the sunsets beautifully across the open areas and the nature preserve.  This backyard sold the house a little over 2 years ago to us, the first place I came to sit after being released from the hospital in January, and the place I come to sit when I need to rebalance.  It’ll always be my safe haven, a piece of my heart, and my ultimate happy place full of life and peacefulness that coincide.

Step outside, take in the smells of fall, relish in the sights and sounds.  Raise those cabernet glasses and toast to the mundane!

Thank god that this life is mine to live!


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