Tuesday Truths

I totally slacked on not publishing a second piece last week.  Mostly because I was busy and the word busy seems like a total understatement.  I even wondered how I would squeeze in watching the season premiere of, “This Is Us” but I did manage to get it in on Thursday with you guessed it, a glass of cabernet!  I am totally not a cliché person but something inside me said, Tuesday Truths so that’s what you’ll get!

1.  In my clinical study diet I have been trying lots of different things.  Things I never would have tried prior.  Truth is some of them are straight up awful!  Like spit it out in the trash can, AWFUL.  If you come across a multi-grain cracker that is baked with oats, brown rice, millet, quinoa, and amaranth in it; just leave it on the shelf.  Like totally don’t even pick it up to look at it.  Spaghetti squash, let’s talk about it.  I do not understand the fad behind this.  It is so time consuming and so terrible.  Why do people have an hour and a half to prep this and bake it, what are you doing with your time and then actually want to consume it?!  It does not taste like pasta, nothing can replace the straight up carb taste of amazing pasta, not going to happen.  I am falling in love with amazing baked seafood though!  Seafood has little fat in it, it’s healthy and I have been hammering it down like a kid discovering cake for the first time.  Luckily, I am not a butter lover so I am safe in not preparing my seafood with it.

2. Soccer season came to a close on Saturday for us.  If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time you will know I absolutely love being the parent on the sidelines.  I am downright sad that the season is over.  I will miss it until spring and I’ll be counting down the weekends until it is back in our lives again.  Never will I ever take a season off or wish the seasons away because we only get so many of them before our kids become adults.  It’s a joy for any parent and I will be there on the sidelines as long as the good lord above lets me be, would not miss it for anything!

3.  Facebook has lost it’s mind.  Everyone has an opinion.  Everyone is an expert.  People’s posts start out, “I’m not usually the type of person to weigh in on these things, BUT…” People then are easily offended (both sides).  It’s like people log in to Facebook and forget to either be human or normal.  People copy and paste the crap out of insane truths that turn out to be fake news.  Stop it people, go back to being normal humans, good humans, restore humanity and share pictures of your animals and kids!  Trust me I’ve been guilty of falling into this Facebook trap or feel the need to educate people.  You just can’t save the world from behind a screen.  No one’s mind has been changed by your meme yet, doubtful if it will in the future (and if it is, god help us).

4. Sanity pills are necessary for this cancer survivor.  I’ve had a little more stress here recently and I don’t know what I would do without sanity pills.  That’s not true; if I forget them or don’t remember to bring them with me in case I need them and I feel too stressed or overwhelmed, I cry.  Like it pours out of me and I have absolutely no freaking control over it.  I was like that after round one of chemo, it hit me like a ton of bricks, the weight of cancer that is.  I cried for two days straight and then called the doctor and admitted I needed something.  That’s courage.  It takes a lot to be able to waive the white flag of surrender and say, “I need help, I need something.”  For me that is a glorious dose of anxiety medication.  I hated the thought of it but boy did I need them.  NEVER be to proud to admit or discuss that with your doctor.

5.  September was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and it certainly had all of the feels with it.  My family and I went to an event in Indianapolis, IN where they turned the canal teal to remember the survivors, those who are no longer with us, and those yet to be diagnosed.  It was beautiful and I shed a few tears.  It is put on by a wonderful organization called Ovar’coming Together, check them out if you haven’t!  Then my girls and I completed the Teal Ribbon Ovarian Cancer 5k together.  It was great to see so many come out and support Ovarian Cancer Awareness and represent in their teal.  It was all a bit surreal for me, too.  A year ago I barely knew that Ovarian Cancer existed, certainly never thought a doctor would ever utter those words in my direction.  Yet, here I stand today and I can tell you that about 22,440 women will be diagnosed this year with Ovarian Cancer and about 14,080 women will die this year from it.  There will never be another statistic that will move me to tears faster than that one.  I was also the reminder at the survivor booth that cancer knows NO age limit as the kind volunteer thought I must have been with someone because “I was so young.”  Hard eye roll on that one, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I could retire.  Cancer doesn’t discriminate based on age, race, or gender.

Last but certainly not least, I have read a quote over and over again here recently.  It has popped up everywhere for me, in coffee shops, local diners where I can eat healthy, social media, just all over.  “Life is short.  Break all the RULES.  FORGIVE quickly, KISS slowly, LOVE truly, LAUGH uncontrollably, and NEVER REGRET anything that made you smile.”  For me, all is so true, great “rules” to live by but forgive quickly stands out the most to me at the present moment.  It is the one I struggle the most with and one that I think we all struggle with.  I need to learn to let go quickly, to live and let live.  It does not mean you forget, it means you can move on.  I’m beyond stubborn, forgiveness is my biggest challenge and one where I have to look above for guidance.  I’m learning, God is teaching me, it’ll never come easy for me.

Raise those cabernet glasses and toast to the truths!  Whatever your truths are embrace them, relish in them, and learn from them!

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