Few of My Favorite Things, Post and During Cancer

I was blessed with some pretty amazing cancer care packages from some pretty epic friends.  Friends that either walked the path before me, those that researched what others found useful, and those that knew I could use a warm hat or scarf to see me through my journey.  Today I will take you through a few of my favorite things post cancer and during cancer!

I recently had a friend reach out to me about Monat haircare.  Much to my surprise, she GIFTED me the entire Monat Let It Grow system for hair regrowth along with the junior line for my girls.  I have been using it for two weeks now.  My honest review is it’s AMAZING!!!  I believe my hair is growing super quick, strong, and it looks healthy!  I have received so many compliments on my hair in the last two weeks I almost chuckle about it!  This is something you SHOULD buy.  My girl, Brittany Waszak can you hook you up.  Click here to head to her website and order some, you won’t be sorry!  I will be sharing my before photos and after photos with you all soon.  I have took a before photo and I have been taking a weekly photo ever since.  At the one month mark of using this product line I will go into much greater detail on my results along with pictures!

Now let’s talk make-up!  I went through the Look Good, Feel Better class with the American Cancer Society at the beginning of treatment and I fell in love with a few things that I still love.  First and foremost, the class is beyond AMAZING!  The ACS does an excellent job with this class and I don’t know what I would have done without it.  Two of my favorites from that class are the It Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil, there is one shade and it’s simply amazing!  I have recommended it to others and they love it as well.  I still use it to this day post chemo.  Next up, they gave us Neutrogena make-up removing towels, they are heaven and make my skin feel refreshed before I use any skincare regimen.  During chemo it is imperative to begin with all fresh make-up that was not used prior so that you do not get infections.

Post chemo I became a little more bolder than normal with lipstick.  I was gifted (yes I have awesome friends) a LipSense package from Megan Parks!  I have desperately wanted to be a lipstick person all my life.  My problem is I will never remember to reapply it.  With LipSense you don’t have to worry about that because it stays all day!  She picked the perfect shade for me, gifted me the oops remover and a gloss to go with it.  Click here to join her Facebook page and pick the perfect shade!  Next up is Younique, I have fallen in love with their liquid foundation, Lip Splash, and the 3D Fibers!  I was gifted the 3D Fibers during chemo and they sat on my bathroom counter as a reminder of the good things to come.  The fibers give great length and don’t run, super helpful when my lashes were growing back out and still currently!  The Lip Splash feels velvety smooth and it stays for a while.  Alicia Purdy and Vicki Turner gifted me the fibers and a Lip Splash.  Click here to order from Vicki.  A family member of mine did begin selling Younique, Melissa Zhdankin, and I ordered the liquid foundation from Younique from her, it totally lives up to the hype, there is a reason they call it photo shop in a bottle!  Click here to order from her.

Anyone who can sew or crochet amaze me.  I had a friend who crocheted the most beautiful teal hat I have ever seen!  The best part is that it’s super soft too!  I wore it last weekend when the whether was cold and I am sure I will wear it for years to come, thanks Jessica Burdge!  I was also gifted several scarves from many different people, many of which will go on to other cancer patients either through the ACS guild I am a part of, my own one on one gifting, or through Hope Scarves.  If you have crochet abilities, make some hats this season for cancer patients and drop them off at your local hospital’s oncology department.  Any old scarves laying around you aren’t going to use?  Take those to any oncology office or department at your local hospital or send them to Hope Scarves.

Last up, I wouldn’t be doing this justice without talking about skincare.  I fell in love with a line prior to cancer, Rodan and Fields.  Many of the products I used prior to cancer which was the Unblemish line, Redefine, and the Microdermabrasion Paste I either didn’t have a need for (no acne post hysterectomy / during chemo) or I couldn’t use because it was too abrasive.  You are not allowed or at least should do not use exfoliators during treatment as it can put tiny tears in your skin.  Skin is extra sensitive during treatment.  I am enjoying having the paste and Redefine line back in my life post chemo.  Rodan and Fields does have a Soothe line for sensitive skin, unfortunately I have never used it to be able to talk about it.  Cost is something I have become super conscious of due to medical bills.  The Lip Renewing Serum was a lifesaver during chemo for sure.  R+F makes a remarkable sunblock that I used prior, during, and now post chemo.  I do have several friends who sell it, please reach out to one of them via Facebook and they would be happy to share more with you!  Brianna Houghland, Emily Mundy, Jennica Fishero, and Melissa Jump are all wonderful women who are consultants ready to help you!

Keeping in line with skincare, during chemo Marla Arnold reached out to me and gifted me a few things from Ever Skincare.  Their facial moisturizer is absolute heaven.  My skin dried out terribly with chemo and so did my bald scalp.  Marla came in to save the day with care package of Lavish Body Butter and Smooth Balm!  There almost is not even words for how awesome these two products were during treatment and Marla my dear, I’ll be ordering some from you in the future!  If you would like to check this line out from Marla click here.

Raise those cabernet glass to good products and even better friends!




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