In discovering I had a reoccurring mass on my left ovary that had taken it over, nothing major really crossed my mind as I sat on a sterile exam table in a paper gown.  It was a simple thought, we were done having kids, eventually the right ovary would take over, I would only experience menopause for a month, and then life would be back to normal.  One Friday would change all of that with a phone call informing me I had ovarian cancer.  My outlook on life would change for the better and I would not change that for anything.

Looking to 2017, it was going to be a tough year, yet teach me the most about who I am as a person, wife, mother, sister, friend, and now a blogger.  Chemo began in February and I rang that bell May 31st!  June we heard the words, “you are in remission!” And when you walk through hell you keep walking to come out the other side and determine you aren’t finished.  August will begin a 2 year clinical study for me to hopefully keep me in remission.

Let’s do this; live, laugh, cry, and sometimes let’s do it all at once because why not!