The Chance to Eradicate a Cancer

It must be that time of the year.  I made a well check-up with my new primary care physician.  My old one retired unfortunately.  With the clean stench of alcohol swabs and a hint of hand sanitizer, I sat on the exam table catching him up on the last year of my life and the whirlwind…… Continue reading The Chance to Eradicate a Cancer

Relish in the Mundane

I have longed for a Saturday just like this.  Cancer makes you appreciate everything, every task, every color, every opportunity.  Would not trade it for the world.  Woke up to head directly to soccer for both of the girls.  They both won!  Then jet-set to the grocery store, maneuvering every isle like a pro and…… Continue reading Relish in the Mundane

The Unveiling

Since February it’s been like a religion to cover up my head with something.  I embraced scarves early on and it was about the only thing you would have caught me in, sprinkled in with a few hand made hats.  Once my hair started to grow a little I embraced the wig that I swore…… Continue reading The Unveiling

Bucket Lists

This weekend had all of the feels that a long weekend should have.  We checked off taking the girls to an amusement park for the first time this weekend!  It was on our bucket list of things to do and we were always waiting on them to get just a smidge taller.  With gifted tickets,…… Continue reading Bucket Lists

The Diet

You know how you are super excited to start a new diet and you just want all the details in it?!  I was so excited to learn more about the new diet with the clinical study and that day finally arrived!!!!  Yes!  Finally!  Let’s do some back flips, this is going to be easy breezy! …… Continue reading The Diet

The Parents Who Show Up

I wouldn’t begin to know what it is like to have the parents who show up for cancer. Let me just repent on the language that I am about to use in this blog post because it is literally going to get real here in just a minute.  I haven’t mentioned my parents much, if…… Continue reading The Parents Who Show Up

The Minute Clinic Experience

So it happened, nearly 3 months post chemo, I got my first cold/strep throat.  I had a slight panic of, do I call my oncologist, monitor for a fever every hour, and hydrate like it’s my only job.  Honestly, I kind of wish I had to call my oncologist.  My oncologist office would have instructed…… Continue reading The Minute Clinic Experience