The Silence Fillers

There are phrases that hit to the very core of my existence. I heard one of those phrases today uttered to another survivor. “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” Excuse me while I go and vomit. This phrase has no value other than to fill the awkward silence. The silence when someone…… Continue reading The Silence Fillers

Come Eat With Me Series: Part One

I just got back from an Indianapolis American Cancer Society Guild Meeting for the Discovery Ball.  How fitting is that?  Those women are and will continue to be “my people” they freaking just get it, they get me, and most importantly; they understand cancer.  On that committee most of those women have either been touched…… Continue reading Come Eat With Me Series: Part One

The Bad Charades Game

If you ever want to know what chemo brain is like then just picture yourself trying to play a terrible game of charades where absolutely no one gets you. Lately I have been struggling to find words I never would have struggled with prior to cancer. At times I can laugh it off and say,…… Continue reading The Bad Charades Game

November, The Month I Have Been Dreading, The Month I Celebrate

Today of all days I open Facebook and hit the “On This Day” to cry my eyes out in between volunteering this morning to an evening ball (black tie event).  A year ago I went public with the information that a mass had been discovered on my left ovary.  The year ago me was worried,…… Continue reading November, The Month I Have Been Dreading, The Month I Celebrate

The Chance to Eradicate a Cancer

It must be that time of the year.  I made a well check-up with my new primary care physician.  My old one retired unfortunately.  With the clean stench of alcohol swabs and a hint of hand sanitizer, I sat on the exam table catching him up on the last year of my life and the whirlwind…… Continue reading The Chance to Eradicate a Cancer

The Diet

You know how you are super excited to start a new diet and you just want all the details in it?!  I was so excited to learn more about the new diet with the clinical study and that day finally arrived!!!!  Yes!  Finally!  Let’s do some back flips, this is going to be easy breezy! …… Continue reading The Diet

Down to the Mayo

Zooming through traffic, listening to my favorite on repeat tunes that gear me up for any oncologist appointment, sunroof open, shades on for a glorious morning, jamming.  I was pretty calm when I arrived in the parking garage.  I repeated, “let’s do this” to myself a couple hundred times as I hauled myself into the…… Continue reading Down to the Mayo