Lobby Day: Democracy In Action

To say that my past week was busy would be an understatement.  I ventured to a new experience this past week which was full of enrichment, discovery, and democracy.  My new venture took me to Lobby Day at the Indiana State House on Tuesday.  It was my first Lobby Day and boy was it AWESOME! …… Continue reading Lobby Day: Democracy In Action

The Silence Fillers

There are phrases that hit to the very core of my existence. I heard one of those phrases today uttered to another survivor. “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” Excuse me while I go and vomit. This phrase has no value other than to fill the awkward silence. The silence when someone…… Continue reading The Silence Fillers

Stupidity or Brilliance

It was below zero this past weekend in Indiana. You know what I did? Took my two daughters sledding. Stupidity, maybe; Brilliance, I think so. We could have stayed holed up in our house or I could teach them how to dress in layers and hand them toe warmers along with hand warmers to go…… Continue reading Stupidity or Brilliance

We Don’t Need Your Random Treatments You Found on the Internet

I could fix world hunger with the amount of random advice I have been given that would cure my cancer.  I think the one that told me that I should do all herbal medicines because that’s what her mother did even though she died six months later likely took the cake for me early on…… Continue reading We Don’t Need Your Random Treatments You Found on the Internet

The Ability to Watch Your Kids Grow Up

As I gaze across a few lawns watching my kids enjoy playing with others, the cool air is crisp, the sun is setting, the grass is green, leaves are changing.  It is moments like this that I tend to tear up.  Moments longing to watch to my girls grow up.  A year ago this emotion…… Continue reading The Ability to Watch Your Kids Grow Up

Where Did the Chemo Highs Go

Just like a good rain, sunshine usually follows.  Chemo was much the same.  It had it’s chemo dips and then those dips parted ways for what I refer to as the chemo highs.  Those were the days were I felt GOOD, like really good, like so good that I could clean the whole house, wash…… Continue reading Where Did the Chemo Highs Go

The Chance to Eradicate a Cancer

It must be that time of the year.  I made a well check-up with my new primary care physician.  My old one retired unfortunately.  With the clean stench of alcohol swabs and a hint of hand sanitizer, I sat on the exam table catching him up on the last year of my life and the whirlwind…… Continue reading The Chance to Eradicate a Cancer