The Bad Charades Game

If you ever want to know what chemo brain is like then just picture yourself trying to play a terrible game of charades where absolutely no one gets you. Lately I have been struggling to find words I never would have struggled with prior to cancer. At times I can laugh it off and say,…… Continue reading The Bad Charades Game

That Instant Connection

It’s like a snap of a finger for me, likely most people who have had cancer feel the same as me, you feel an instant connection with any survivor. It just clicks and it doesn’t matter your age, walk of life, religion, or gender. If you think about it, the cancer community kind of has…… Continue reading That Instant Connection

Experience the Holidays

With the passing of a survivor I knew her legacy lives on in the lives she touched. The holidays for me are a time to wrap up with family, experience the magic of the season, and create memories that I hope last a lifetime. When I heard her children say, “don’t be sorry for our…… Continue reading Experience the Holidays

We Don’t Need Your Random Treatments You Found on the Internet

I could fix world hunger with the amount of random advice I have been given that would cure my cancer.  I think the one that told me that I should do all herbal medicines because that’s what her mother did even though she died six months later likely took the cake for me early on…… Continue reading We Don’t Need Your Random Treatments You Found on the Internet

Their Wisdoms

Many times over the last year I have found myself wondering what wisdoms my grandparents would have given me. I often talk with them, catch a glimpse of her picture that rests on my night stand, pick up a batch of pussy willow branches, and wonder just what they would have said to cancer. Without…… Continue reading Their Wisdoms

Waving the White Flag… Be Kind to Yourself

There were two times in the cancer journey when I had to wave the white flag and ask for help.  This week was the third time.  I swear sometimes it just hits me like a ton of bricks.  I think most would assume that I’d be celebrating every single day with being in remission and…… Continue reading Waving the White Flag… Be Kind to Yourself

The Cancer Pottery Wheel

If you’ve never taken a piece of clay and thrown it onto a pottery wheel to create a masterpiece, I encourage you to do so!  In my time I have done that very thing and I can think of a time in particular where I just couldn’t get it right and I kept starting over…… Continue reading The Cancer Pottery Wheel