The Bad Charades Game

If you ever want to know what chemo brain is like then just picture yourself trying to play a terrible game of charades where absolutely no one gets you. Lately I have been struggling to find words I never would have struggled with prior to cancer. At times I can laugh it off and say,…… Continue reading The Bad Charades Game

That Instant Connection

It’s like a snap of a finger for me, likely most people who have had cancer feel the same as me, you feel an instant connection with any survivor. It just clicks and it doesn’t matter your age, walk of life, religion, or gender. If you think about it, the cancer community kind of has…… Continue reading That Instant Connection

I Will Bend and I Will Sway

If cancer has taught me anything it is that we must bend and sway before we break.  As I mentioned in my prior blog post, November is not an easy month for me yet as I schedule things I smile.  I think it’s me swaying.  There are certain things that have been scheduled for me this month…… Continue reading I Will Bend and I Will Sway

Sassy and Fat Deprived

I don’t know what it is about short hair but it dares me to be way more sassy than normal!  I wore redish/orangish pants today with a super trendy navy blue top and a dark lip color.  My past self would have been like, ummm hell no, ain’t gonna happen go back to your safe…… Continue reading Sassy and Fat Deprived

Relish in the Mundane

I have longed for a Saturday just like this.  Cancer makes you appreciate everything, every task, every color, every opportunity.  Would not trade it for the world.  Woke up to head directly to soccer for both of the girls.  They both won!  Then jet-set to the grocery store, maneuvering every isle like a pro and…… Continue reading Relish in the Mundane

The Unveiling

Since February it’s been like a religion to cover up my head with something.  I embraced scarves early on and it was about the only thing you would have caught me in, sprinkled in with a few hand made hats.  Once my hair started to grow a little I embraced the wig that I swore…… Continue reading The Unveiling