Stupidity or Brilliance

It was below zero this past weekend in Indiana. You know what I did? Took my two daughters sledding. Stupidity, maybe; Brilliance, I think so. We could have stayed holed up in our house or I could teach them how to dress in layers and hand them toe warmers along with hand warmers to go…… Continue reading Stupidity or Brilliance

Snow is a Rebirth

I believe every year most people dream of a white Christmas. I know that I certainly do. When there was a 50/50 shot early on of having a white Christmas I was over the moon excited. When it was just a couple of days prior and it began to snow my heart was at peace.…… Continue reading Snow is a Rebirth

Tuesday Truths

I totally slacked on not publishing a second piece last week.  Mostly because I was busy and the word busy seems like a total understatement.  I even wondered how I would squeeze in watching the season premiere of, “This Is Us” but I did manage to get it in on Thursday with you guessed it,…… Continue reading Tuesday Truths

Relish in the Mundane

I have longed for a Saturday just like this.  Cancer makes you appreciate everything, every task, every color, every opportunity.  Would not trade it for the world.  Woke up to head directly to soccer for both of the girls.  They both won!  Then jet-set to the grocery store, maneuvering every isle like a pro and…… Continue reading Relish in the Mundane

The Seasons

We are embarking on a new school year and soccer season.  My Tuesday and Thursday nights are occupied with practices and my Saturdays and some Sundays will be occupied with soccer games.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I still have the moments where I am standing still capturing the feelings and images of…… Continue reading The Seasons