My Mid-Lenten Season Confessional

For the first time in my life I am practicing giving up something for the Lenten season.  I chose to give up alcohol.  There have been days I contemplated trading that out for something easier yet here I am, alcohol free.  I have certainly discovered a few things about myself at the mid-way point to the…… Continue reading My Mid-Lenten Season Confessional

All About The Hair

As I sat on the back patio allowing the wind to breeze through my hair I thought to myself, “I am totally ready for the struggle of long hair and lip gloss.”  All you ladies know exactly what I am talking about!  Today was the third time I have made my hair straight.  My hair…… Continue reading All About The Hair

Come Eat With Me Every Tuesday: Part Two in the Series

If you are truly eating with me then you are increasing your intake of vegetables, vegetable juice, or fruit daily.  On an average I eat 6 servings of vegetables and fruit daily.  Specifically 4 servings of vegetable and 2 servings of fruit.  I will break down the vegetables; I eat at least 1 cruciferous vegetable,…… Continue reading Come Eat With Me Every Tuesday: Part Two in the Series

Lobby Day: Democracy In Action

To say that my past week was busy would be an understatement.  I ventured to a new experience this past week which was full of enrichment, discovery, and democracy.  My new venture took me to Lobby Day at the Indiana State House on Tuesday.  It was my first Lobby Day and boy was it AWESOME! …… Continue reading Lobby Day: Democracy In Action

The Silence Fillers

There are phrases that hit to the very core of my existence. I heard one of those phrases today uttered to another survivor. “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” Excuse me while I go and vomit. This phrase has no value other than to fill the awkward silence. The silence when someone…… Continue reading The Silence Fillers

Come Eat With Me Series: Part One

I just got back from an Indianapolis American Cancer Society Guild Meeting for the Discovery Ball.  How fitting is that?  Those women are and will continue to be “my people” they freaking just get it, they get me, and most importantly; they understand cancer.  On that committee most of those women have either been touched…… Continue reading Come Eat With Me Series: Part One

Eating Healthier is Your Choice, It Can Reduce Cancer, Surprise!

Prior to cancer I can tell you that I ate about as unhealthy as one person could, trust me! My metabolism rocked, like seriously rocked the house. Fried? Yes, please! Covered in icing? Why not! Cake? Yes, I’ll take a second piece! I likely ate worse than a frat boy trying to nurse a hangover…… Continue reading Eating Healthier is Your Choice, It Can Reduce Cancer, Surprise!